Just 1 in about 100 of Packed Lunches for Children are as Healthy as School Meals

A new research has revealed that only about 1 in as many as 100 packed lunches made for school children are able to effectively match the nutritional standards that have been set for school meals.

According to the study's findings, lunch boxes are generally filled with "crisps, sweets and sugary drinks", instead of the much healthier options like fruits, vegetables and dairy products, which are required more by children.

Campaigners and researchers have called the results "shocking", but they have been quick to assert that these were not surprising in any way, considering the fact that children are now continually rejecting healthy food in favor of fast food and snacks which are advertised all the time.

Estimates are that about 50% of UK's school children eat lunches which are home-packed, which means that about 5.5 billion packed lunches are eaten every day.

"We are worried about this widening gap between packed lunches and school meals. Roughly half of the children in the UK have a school meal and half have packed lunches", said lead researcher Charlotte Evans.

Details of the research have been published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.