Elderly not getting proper treatment to fight cancer

According to a charity, due to assumptions about cancer patient beating cancer, under-treatment is being given to elderly cancer patients.

Macmillan Cancer Support states that chances of fighting the disease is being missed out by some as they are being kept away from medicines that could help them beat cancer.

As compared to younger people, chances of getting treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery are lesser among older people.

There is increasing evidence that older people cannot gain more from treatment given to fight cancer and this is the reason why they are not being given what they deserve, according to Macmillan's report, The Age Old Excuse: The under-treatment of older cancer patients.

In the UK every year there are about 14,000 deaths from cancer and these can be avoided with proper treatment among people who are over-75s.

Other reasons for cancer deaths among old people are late diagnosis and a higher incidence of cancer among older people.

The report said, “Recommendations on treatment are too often being made on the basis of age, regardless of how fit patients are. Many patients also do not take up treatment because they do not have enough practical support to help them at home or with transport.”