Apple asked to narrow information request for Google, Motorola documents

Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple has been asked by a U. S. Circuit Court to narrow its request for information on Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

Apple has long been arguing that Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility is greatly relevant to its claims in its patent war against Motorola.

Last Friday, the Cupertino firm accused handset maker Motorola of not complying with its original request for documents, but Motorola objected to the scope of the information requests.

Judge Richard A. Posner denied Apple's request for documents on Monday, saying it was vague and overbroad.

The Judge ruled, “If Apple desires a further court order compelling production of data within the scope of the March 5 order, it will have to narrow its request to a manageable and particularized set of documents.”

Google’s acquisition of Motorola is expected to complete by the end of the first half of this year. The deal has already been approved by EU and U. S. regulators.

Once the deal is cleared, Google will get hold of Motorola’s 17,000 patents and 7,500 filed patents.