Gluttony gene makes you obese

Your genes might be responsible for your weight. As gluttony gene has been found by scientists that cannot pass the message of being full to the brain.

Rapid weight gain that was due to non-stop eating happened due to mutation on a single gene that broke down communication in the body when it was tested on mice.

In the UK alone, about one out of four adults is obese and the identification of this gene can lead to better treatment for obesity.

The variation in the Bdnf gene in mice was studied by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Centre in the U. S.

A link to obesity has been found among humans also as they also have this gene but nothing is clear about how the gene works.

The hypothalamus gets a message that you are full after eating as once the meal is eaten the activity of this gene transmits chemical signals down a chain of brain cells.

The two chemicals, insulin and leptin were not sent to their target in mice which had a mutation of this gene and they ended up eating double as compared to mice without mutation.

Lead researcher Dr Baoki Xu said, "This discovery may open up novel strategies to help the brain control body weight."