Apple’s new Apple TV goes through teardown

According to a post which was first noticed by MacRumors, Apple's new Apple TV has apparently undergone a dissection at the hands of Intrepid forum commenter Aicjofs, an XBMC community member, who has disclosed some noteworthy details about the device.

The teardown of the new 1080p-capable Apple TV by Aicjofs has shown that some of the key `under the hood' components of the new Apple TV include a custom-built A5 processor; 8 GB of flash memory; 512 MB of RAM; and possibly a second Wi-Fi antenna to give a notable boost to the device's online connectivity and speed.

As per Aicjofs' post, the new Apple TV's A5 unit - which reported is different from the one that comes aboard the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 - had an APL2398 classification and feature just one single processing core, not two. The A5 chip has seemingly been manufactured as recently as last month; with naming conventions indicating that the new Apple TV's processor is fairly akin to the one found in the standard dual-core A5, classified APL0498.

Going by Aicjofs' analysis after the dismantling of the Apple TV, the device's RAM seemingly was part number H9TKNNN4K from Hynix; and is possibly the same memory which has been used by Amazon for its aggressively-priced Kindle Fire tablet.

Despite the fact that Apple TV's internal flash memory - which helps cache video files while their streaming - remains unchanged at 8GB; the RAM of the devices is an upgraded one.