Increase in NHS car parking charges

According to recent figures there has been a rise in car parking charges and this increase has been in more than a quarter of hospital trusts in England.

Data from 197 hospital and mental health trusts stated that there have been trusts that have reduced the prices but there are some that have doubled these prices.

Between 2010 and 2011, care parking charges were increased by 28 per cent of trusts whereas they were cut down by only 16 per cent of the trusts.

Tax on the sick was what a patients' representative group branded the fees and demanded that it should be free. Even earlier charities have stated that car park charging has hit cancer patients.

Ministers said that the care budget will have to do away with £100m if car parking is made free in England as it is at NHS trusts in most of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Health Minister Simon Burns said, "NHS organisations must make the best use of public funds, and this includes setting car parking charges at a rate which is reasonable for the communities they serve and provides appropriate concessions. These figures illustrate the fact that three-quarters of hospitals have reduced their charges or left them unchanged."