Legal highs increases among drug users

In 2011 the use of Mephedrone increased by about 20 per cent among clubbers and there was a 50 per cent rise in the use of Ketamine.

Legal highs and new club drugs have come up and this has led to multiple drugs being used by young people, according to a survey. Not much is known to even experts about the harms caused by these drugs, including policy makers and even scientists, users and families know even less.

A curriculum was launched nationwide by drugs awareness charities the Angelus and the Amy Winehouse Foundations and this was intended to include drugs education into the National Curriculum and just weeks after that the survey MixMag stated the results.

Prime Minister had last week stated that their use will be stamped out and priorities were again set out by the Home Secretary.

Speaking about the MixMag findings, founder of the Angelus Foundation, Maryon Stewart, said, "This MixMag survey paints an even more alarming picture than we suspected. The heavy use of these drugs by clubbers has already seeped out in to the rest of young people's normal lives, where these unknown drugs are easily accessible."