Twitter acquires Posterous, a social blogging service

In a Monday announcement, popular microblogging service Twitter said that it had acquired - for an undisclosed sum - a fellow San Francisco startup Posterous, which is also a blogging and sharing platform.

Posterous, which was founded way back in 2008, has nearly 15 million monthly users. Initially, the startup was supposed to be a rival to Tumblr in terms of being a speedier and more convenient way for sharing content online. However, with its growth being somewhat modest, Posterous started going after online groups in 2010; and in September last, it shifted in the `private sharing' direction.

Essentially a blog platform which is specifically focused on simplicity, Posterous has been designed in such a manner that it enables users to create short posts quickly; and post them from the Posterous mobile app, the Web, or from email.

In their announcement of the acquisition of Posterous by Twitter, both the companies revealed that the Posterous service `Spaces' will continue to run "without disruption" even after the takeover; though users desirous of quitting the system will be passed on the necessary instructions for the same in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, about its acquisition of Posterous social blogging service, Twitter said in a Monday blog post: "Today we are welcoming a very talented group from Posterous to Twitter. This team has built an innovative product that makes sharing across the web and mobile devices simple - a goal we share."