Sony PS3 grabs content IDs when connected to Vita

According to a recent revelation by a hacker, who goes by the handle Hellcat, Sony PlayStation 3 can automatically grab content IDs from the PlayStation Network account of the users, if the console is connected to the company's new PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system which was launched in the US and Europe last month.

As per Hellcat, the automatic grabbing of content IDs by the PS3, when it is connected to Vita, implies that Sony will be able to nullify content on the systems irrespective of when it was acquired.

Explaining the mechanism in question, Hellcat said that use of Content Manager for transferring content between the two systems, and the transfer of "Applications (PSP/Other) downloaded to the PS3 system" to a Vita, makes it possible for the PS3 to download a list from the PSN servers. The device then carries out a quick check against an apparent list of "blocked apps"; and, upon finding a match, automatically invalidates all offending apps.

Noting that the mentioned mechanism is applicable to the PC-based Content Manager application, Hellcat cited an example to elucidate his point by demonstrating the transfer of MotorStorm Arctic Edge from PS3 to the Vita.

Hellcat explained that users who have downloaded MotorStorm Arctic Edge in time to their PS3 and also carried out its successful transfer on to the Vita, leaving the title undeleted on the PS3, will not be able to transfer it a second time because the Vita "will not see the title"; and thus invalidate it!