Ovarian cancer is UK’s fifth most common cancer in women

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in females in the UK and this is the month that is being observed as the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

No family history of ovarian cancer is seen in about 90 per cent of cancer cases and smear tests alone are not enough to detect this cancer. There are symptoms like frequent urination, bloating, problem with eating, stomach pain and feeling full quickly that need to be observed.

The risk of ovarian cancer can be reduced apart from factors like age and ethnicity that are not under control.

Suzy Norman was a teacher and often felt bloated. She had such a stomach that people had started asking her that when was her baby due and it was then that she went in for tests.

She was told that she had ovarian cancer and led to one of her ovaries being removed. Soon, another ovary, along with her uterus were also removed.

She had to go for chemotherapy sessions and these were not easy as her life from being a busy school teacher was changed to being on a sofa all the time as she felt tired, lost hair and had pain in her legs.

But she said that this worked for her and she is much better now.