iPad's display is cutting edge--and a challenge for manufacturers

According to NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim, the 2,048x1,536 display of the new Apple iPad underscores such a cutting-edge technology that it may well be a challenge for the manufacturers to supply the displays, in case the demand for the new tablet surpasses that of iPad 2.

With the Super High Aperture technology on board the forthcoming iPad enabling Apple to increase the pixels of the device’s display by four times the number in the preceding model, the screen resolution of the new tablet will be comparable to the one generally found on the big displays of the 24-inch class desktops.

As per Shim, the avant-garde display of the new iPad is “the first of its kind” and will likely pose quite a challenge for the three display manufacturers - Samsung, LG Display, and Sharp – in terms ensuring adequate and timely supply to keep pace with the demand.

There apparently could be a problem at hand for Apple as far as the supply of the new iPad’s displays is concerned, particularly in the wake of the fact that Samsung is currently the only manufacturer supplying the displays and LG Display and Sharp reportedly having run into some kind of difficulties.

Meanwhile, though it cannot be said for sure as to how many displays Apple would need to keep up with the new iPad’s demand, Shim hinted that the demand could be huge because he iPad’s launch will be “a global launch and we know there' a lot of demand in Asia Pacific.”