Cure for chronic liver disease possible

A significant step has been taken by medical scientists in figuring out and can a liver that is diseased can repair itself and this will ease of the burden on demand associated to organ transplants and this will eventually lead to the development of new treatments for chronic liver illnesses.

Hepatocytes, these are vital liver cells, and when potentially fatal conditions such as cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis attack the liver, these cells are lost, but researchers have now worked out how to stimulate the production of these cells.

The fifth biggest killer in Britain is liver disease and if past record is seen then over the past 40 years there has been a continuous rise in deaths due to this. If 20 years old record is seen, then on will find that liver disease kill more people now than before.

The regeneration of cells in the body is triggered by the network of complex biochemical signals and body's toxins are filtered out because of liver, it is important to have a healthy liver and scientists have now worked on this.

An expert Dr Boulter said, "This research helps us to know how to increase numbers of cells that are needed for healthy liver function and could pave the way to finding drugs that help liver repair."