Diabetes in women more likely

According to a new study women are more likely to get type 2 diabetes if they keep sitting for a long period of time and men surprisingly were not seen to get this.

As compared to people who sit less, women who led a sedentary lifestyle were more prone to diabetes emerging from the early metabolic defects, researchers from the University of Leicester Departments of Health Sciences and Cardiovascular Sciences stated.

About 500 women and men were assessed by a team of experts and all these people were about 40 years old and above that and they were asked how much time they spent sitting in a week. The level of specific chemicals in their bloodstream that are linked to diabetes and metabolic dysfunction were checked.

There were higher levels of insulin seen in women who spent the longest time sitting and there were other factors that led to problematic inflation like higher amounts of C-reactive protein and chemicals released by fatty tissue in the abdomen, leptin, and interleukin6.

Thomas Yates, the study leader said "This study provides important new evidence that higher levels of sitting time have a deleterious impact on insulin resistance and chronic low-grade inflammation in women but not men and that this effect is seen regardless of how much exercise is undertaken."