Proview says no settlement negotiations yet with Apple over iPad trademark

During the course of a recent interview, Roger Xie - the lawyer for Proview Technology, which is embroiled in a legal scuffle against Apple over the iPad trademark - said that Proview is yet to commence any out-of-court settlement negotiations with Apple in the companies' ongoing trademark-infringement battle.

According to the information shared by Xie, Apple is still to arrive at a decision as to whether it would like to work out a settlement with Proview. Xie also revealed that the Thursday proceedings at the Higher People's Court of Guangdong, China, had the three-judge panel specifically asking Proview and Apple if they wished to reach a settlement during the hearing.

Earlier in the week, Apple and Proview representatives traded accusations back and forth during the legal proceedings, with Apple strongly asserting its stand in the case by insisting that it had paid Proview for the rights to use the `iPad' name in China. The iPad-maker further accused Proview of not upholding its end of the iPad trademark deal.

Proview, however, argued that the agreement was not made properly, since the representatives from the company's Shenzhen subsidiary - which controls the iPad trademark - were not present during the signing of the deal.

Now noting that Proview and Apple "didn't have any formal negotiations" thus far about a prospective settlement of the case, Xie said in the interview: "I hope they will positively contact us and make an appointment with us about formal negotiations out of court. It would be useful."