Early birth linked to infancy health risk

According to a research, there is a higher chance of having a risk to health among babies born just a few weeks early.

This will question the existing belief that like babies who are born at full term, babies who are born after 37 weeks have similar outcomes when it comes to long-term, doctors said.

About 14,000 children were looked at for the study who were born about 10 years back and up to the age of five.

Various illnesses like asthma and hospital admissions following health outcomes were looked at by experts.

There have been earlier works also that focuses on babies who were born before 32 weeks and were very premature.

According to this study, extra attention is needed by the higher number of babies who are born later.

It was concluded that there was an increased risk of health problems among babies who were born before 39 weeks up to the age of five. It stated that the risk increased with an early birth.

Doctors said that parents should not directly associate risk with an early birth but the purpose of this study is to question the level of healthcare support and monitoring given to these families.