Cure chances better with smear tests

According to a Swedish study, there is a better chance of getting cured with smear test among women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer as compared to women who do not get the test done.

The cure rate for diagnosis based on symptoms is 66 per cent and cure rate after smear test diagnosis is 92 per cent.

From 1999 to 2001, in Sweden women were looked at for analysis after they were diagnosed with cervical cancer for a study.

According to a cancer charity, in UK every year around 5000 lives are saved due to screening.

The Swedish research, carried out at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, analysed about 1,230 women for about eight years after they were diagnosed on an average.

Cancers that were diagnosed by abnormal smear test results were analysed and this was done for estimating the chances of surviving cervical cancer and also all other cases based on diagnosis using symptoms were analysed too.

The percentage of cure among women after they showed symptoms and were given treatment was 74 per cent.

And this percentage was 60 per cent for women who were overdue for screening and had shown symptoms.

Dr Bengt Andrae, study author and senior consultant gynaecologist at Uppsala University, said, "Even if you have not gone to cervical screening before, go when you are invited because you have a much better prognosis than waiting for the symptoms to appear."