Caring for people with learning disabilities National standards followed by few hospitals, centres

There were many unannounced inspections carried out and it was seen during these checks that national standards for quality and safety is not met by about three out of five hospitals and care homes when it comes to people with learning disabilities.

A report was taken out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) today which talks about whether NHS and privately-run homes are taking good care of people and are they being protected from abuses.

It was shocking to see that out of 20 only four followed standards essential for safeguarding and welfare. Both standards were followed by about 17 out of 67 places that were checked.

Warning was given to Walkern Lodge, a small women-only hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, run by the private firm Cambian Learning Disabilities Limited by the CQC and this was done seeing standards of safeguarding, bullying and use of restraint. This also led to two members of the staff being suspended.

There were major concerns at other places as well and leading disability charities have stated that the findings are worrying and something needs to be done to bring these places under control when it comes to taking care of the disabled.