Hospitals will not use 'old dear' term from now

A new report will be made on a ban on the use of patronising language that is being used by care workers and hospital staff against older people.

Most often used terms are ‘bed blocker’ and ‘old dear’ and the ban states that these terms should be made sexist or racist expression making them completely unacceptable.

The basic need should be being treated with respect and dignity.

The Commission has made the report which is on improving dignity in care and this involves organizations like the NHS Confederation, the Local Government Association and Age UK.

Health and care professions should ban people who are not able to give respect to elders and cannot show compassion despite them being capable with all the needed academic qualifications.

Fundamental change is needed by the whole system and it needs to be corporate really fast.

The report said, “Expressions such as 'bed blockers' imply older people are a burden or a nuisance. Referring to them by illness reduces them to a clinical condition rather than recognising them as a person. Using patronising language such as 'how are we today dear?' belittles them.”