Fiona Phillips fears getting Alzheimer's in the next five years

Fiona Phillip is surrounded by the thought of getting effected by Alzheimer's and she is the one who realizes it the most.

She feels that her present life will soon be affected by the disease as this disease took her mother Amy and father Neville from her. It was only earlier this month that her dad Neville died from this disease.

Fiona is 51 years old and is a TV presenter and she is unable to admit that the odds will someday work against her. Her mother was barely in her 50s when she started getting the signs of Alzheimer's and her dad was in his late

She said, "I have that feeling now all the time that I am bound to get it. I worry. I keep thinking that I might only have five years left. When people say they might be around until their 80s, I just don't think that. I suppose I feel like someone with a terminal disease who realises they don't have long left. That's awful because I don't want to live like that."

Apart from taking gingko byloba, she also follows a healthy routine for herself but she cannot do more than this to protect herself from this disease.