Huawei set to kick off several mobile and tablet related announcements at MWC 2012

At its press conference in connection with the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 - coming up next week in Barcelona, Spain -, Chinese firm Huawei will set the ball rolling for a number of mobile- and tablet-related announcements; as well as release some attention-grabbing devices, particularly with the aim of building up its brand in western Europe.

With Huawei having already released its Ascend PS 1 smartphone at Consumer Electronic Show in January, there are speculations galore about the announcements which the company will make at the forthcoming event, which is the world's biggest and most exciting trade show for handsets, and also for tablets of late.

The Huawei press conference - which will commence at 2:30pm (GMT) on Sunday, 26 February - will mark one of the key events that will lead up to the MWC event, kicking off on Monday, February 27; at which more than one thousand companies will be vying with one another to attract the nearly 60,000 delegates.

With the MWC events in the past having given the audiences the first peek at some iconic handsets - including the HTC Magic, the Samsung Bada Wave and the Galaxy S II -, it is being expected that there will be a whole lot more in store at this year's show.

One of the most eagerly-awaited announcements at the MWC this time round will be the arrival of Tegra 3-powered devices; and it is being reported that at least a handful of handsets and tablets based on Nvidia's new quad-core processor will be unveiled at the forthcoming event.