12 per cent rise in fat ops

NHS data has stated that last year there were 7,214 operations but in 2010 and last year this figure went up to 8,087 operations in England’s hospitals.

There has been a 30 times increase in the number of people getting operated in the last 10 years as in 2000 and 2001 there were 261 weight-loss operations.

Things that are included in the bariatric weight-loss surgery are stomach stapling, gastric bypasses and a procedure called sleeve gastrectomy.

Due to obesity there was a rise in the number of people getting admitted to hospitals, the survey also found. In the last 10 years these admissions have risen from 1,054 to 11,574. As compared to men, the number of women getting admitted was three times more.

Operations included in recent figures were adjusting an existing gastric band rather than fit a new one making it to about 1,444 surgeries to maintain an existing band.

Tim Straugham, chief executive of the NHS Information Centre, said, “The report charts the growing impact of obesity on both people’s health and NHS resources.”

The highest rate of admissions is from north-east and east midlands and London follow next.