OnLive introduces ‘Plus’ version of its OnLive Desktop service

After having introduced a `free' version of its new OnLive Desktop service - for streaming a Windows 7 desktop to an Apple iPad - in January, OnLive has now come up with the service's `paid' version, OnLive desktop Plus, which comes with additional features.

While the seamless and notably amazing `free' OnLive Desktop service essentially gave the users the access to Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint software, along with some basic Windows apps and 2GB storage capacity, the `paid' version, OnLive Desktop Plus - which costs a mere $5 per month - brings on the additional advantage of the Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and a 1-gigabit-per-second Internet connection.

The fastest-thus-far connection on the iPad tablet, the "1-gigabit Internet" connectivity offered by OnLive Desktop Plus service implies that the Internet speed would be 500 or 1,000 times faster than the speed that the users generally get at home --- with a 20-MB file downloaded almost instantly; and a 30MB file uploaded in barely one second!

Moreover, with `productivity' being the key focus of the OnLive Desktop, the Plus version of the service now adds on web browsing; facilitating the users in streaming live video of a web browser running in a datacenter to their device.

And, to top it all, OnLive Desktop Plus gives the iPad the ability to play Flash videos on the Web; thereby turning the non-Flash-supporting tablet into one of the smoothest Flash players, enabling users to watch free TV at Hulu. com - something which they can't otherwise do on the iPad!