Sony takes the long view with its new PlayStation Vita

In what apparently will be Sony's biggest sales event in recent times, the company is all set to launch its new handheld, the PlayStation Vita, in a big way in the US and Europe on today, February 22.

With Sony having stated that it is taking the long view for the soon-to-be-released PS Vita handheld gaming console, reports have revealed that the device's debut will come amid celebrity-studded parties, midnight store openings, as well as a $50-million sales promotion.

Even though the PS Vita predecessor, the 2004-launched PS Portable, is still a major seller all across the world, the new handheld marks a further advance in the form of highly-impressive hardware which includes a four-core processor, a dazzling 5-inch OLED display, and front and rear touch control. In addition, the paperback-sized Vita also boasts a custom-built OS.

As such, with Sony having complete control of the Vita's hardware as well as software, the company's incoming CEO Kazuo Hirai - who will officially take charge with effect from April - has termed the handheld as more of a platform than a mere gaming device; and feels that Vita's success will be measured on a bigger scale, as there will be hardly any major revamps.

For its US launch of the Vita, which debuted in the Asian markets on December 17, with as many as 26 software titles, Sony has come up with a "Never Stop Playing" slogan in order to stress the fact that dedicated users of its PlayStation 3 home console will now be able to continue gaming on the move!