Apple OS X Mountain Lion introduces new Mac security feature dubbed ‘Gatekeeper’

The just-previewed Apple OS X Mountain Lion brings on a new Mac security setting - dubbed `Gatekeeper' - which will enable the users to prevent the OS from becoming laden with malware.

According to the details shared by Apple, the new `Gatekeeper' security feature of the OS X Mountain Lion - which was originally dubbed Mac OS X - will give users the ability to select the options from which they want the installs to be accepted.

As per Apple, the key aim behind the `Gatekeeper' feature is to ensure that the users of the Mac systems are protected against the inadvertent download of malicious apps from uncertified and illegitimate app stores; which, incidentally, are the main points of entry for malware on Microsoft's Windows OS.

In the opinion of security experts, Apple's decision to bring on the `Gatekeeper' security setting on the OS X Mountain Lion is an indication that the company not only indirectly acknowledges the existence of Mac malware, but is also concerned about the likelihood of such malware increasing to a magnitude similar to that of Windows.

Noting that Apple's `Gatekeeper' move is "a very big deal" as it is basically a preventive measure by Apple to check the spread of Mac malware, Securosis CEO Rich Mogull told CNET: "Combined with the other recent security enhancements in OS X, it (Gatekeeper) virtually eliminates the possibility that Macs will ever see the sort of malware epidemic that Windows users have dealt with."