Photoshop CS6 puts photo manipulation on steroids

Going by the indications from Adobe’s fourth Photoshop Creative Suite 6 (CS6) software preview, the forthcoming CS6 will apparently put photo manipulation on steroids; with the company going notably beyond the Photoshop CS5’s content-aware fill technology which was capable of automatically filling in a hole left after the removal of a part of an image.

Photoshop Senior Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes said during the recent CS6 preview that new Photoshop version will underline a “patch tool” which will enable the photographers to decide on the source of filler on their own.

According to the information shared by Hughes, another new way in which CS6 – scheduled for release in the first half of this year - can be used is as the new content-aware move tool, which will chiefly bring on to Photoshop the ability to figure out a mechanism for removing the original data and rebuilding a fresh background.

The content-aware move is apparently aimed at addressing people’s fuss about the fact that photo manipulation tools imply that what is seen in a digital photo cannot be believed. The move, rather than advancing the ability of the experts to further manipulate an image, actually makes the photo manipulation process easier, speedier, and available to a much bigger audience.

Meanwhile, it has already been revealed at the earlier Photoshop CS6 previews that the forthcoming software suite will boast a new graphics-chip addition for the liquify filter; a darker user interface; option for background save; effortless dotted and dashed line creation; and new raw-image processing controls.