Sex change British man delivers son

A man in his 30s gave birth to a son after he took female hormones to reverse the effects of his female-to-male sex change treatment.

The man's identity has not been disclosed and is believed to be from and is presently believed to be committed in a long-term relationship. It could not be found out if his partner was a man or a woman.

A full inquiry was called for by medical ethics experts last night into matters surrounding transgender births. It was stated that when it is about fulfilling the rights of an adult, the interests of the child should not be risked.

It was stated that despite the man getting his sex changed last year was able to keep his womb during the original sex change procedure and was able to give birth to a son.

Experts state that transgender men who have functional ovaries and a uterus can become pregnant even if they are living as men.

Joanna Darrell, from the Beaumont Society, a support group for the transgender community, said, "The man approached the society asking for advice about having a baby. We had a general inquiry to the Beaumont Society."