Too much food can lead to memory loss

According to a study, the risk of memory loss can be doubled by overeating among elderly people.

Researchers discovered that as compared to people who had less than 2,100 calories, the chances of mild cognitive impairment was more in people who consumed above 2,100 calories.

According to the findings, mind can be kept sharp by following a low-calorie diet in old age and this could further prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Eating and drinking habits were looked at by scientists in the U. S. of about 1,200 people and they were all aged from 70 to 89 years. These people were also given memory tests.

It was seen that memory problems were developed by about 163 people and the chances of developing this was more than double among people who took more calories.

Factors like depression, diabetes, history of strokes and educational levels were adjusted by researchers and even then the connection was clear.

The participants of the study were divided into three groups and these were people who took 600 to 1500 calories, second group was of people taking 1500 to 2100 calories and the third group was taking about 2100 to 6000 calories.

The first two groups did not show significant difference, which means that taking fewer calories will avoid memory impairment.