Microsoft offers more details about Windows 8 on WOA devices

In a Thursday blog post, Microsoft's Windows President Steven Sinofsky touched upon what apparently can be seen as the software company's attempts to build a hybrid tablet/PC ecosystem, and offered some more details about how the forthcoming Windows 8 OS will look on ARM technology-based devices, chiefly tablet computers.

Windows 8 has widely been touted by Microsoft as a far-reaching re-imaging of the company's flagship operating system, which has thus far been running basically on x86 processors in desktops as well as laptops.

Designed right from a scratch, the new OS will be equally compatible with touch-sensitive tablets running on system-on-a-chip ARM processors and the more traditional x86 PCs.

Among the details which Sinofsky has recently offered about the look of Windows 8 on tablet devices is the disclosure that, out of the box, Windows on ARM (or WOA, as Sinofsky choose to refer to it) will have a "feel" which would be strikingly similar to Windows 8 on x86/64.

Further adding that the `sign in' process for the WOA devices will also be like that on x86 PCs, Sinofsky elaborated in the blog post: "You will have access to the intrinsic capabilities of Windows, from the new Start screen and Metro style apps and Internet Explorer, to peripherals, and if you wish, the Windows desktop with tools like Windows File Explorer and desktop Internet Explorer."

Sinofsky also added that the other features included in the WOA devices will be desktop editions of the new Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Office 15.