Poor health caused due to house moves

Research has stated that frequent movement from one house to another leads to poor health in later years.

Problems like more drinking, smoking, a deteriorated overall health and psychological distress in adolescence and adulthood were seen among frequent movers, Scottish experts said.

The study was called West of Scotland Twenty-O7 Study and was carried out by researchers led by the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow for which they assessed the health of 850 people.

Long-term health has been tracked for this study for which postcodes were considered and the age groups were 15, 35, and 55 in 1987-8 over a period of 20 years.

Various factors like weight, physical health, smoking and drinking habits, psychological health and using illicit drugs were taken into account by researchers.

In the end it was seen that no association was seen between the frequency of house moves and physical health measures, but it was seen that poor health was caused due to frequent house moves during childhood.

The authors said, "Moving frequently in childhood is associated with adverse health behaviours and outcomes, although these may in part be attributable to moving schools."