Care for elderly being compromised in England

A committee of MPs has said that older people are being taken for granted when it comes to the social care system taking care of them.

They being treated like parcel in between services, it was further added. Joined-up care, housing and health are what the Commons health select committee wants local areas in England to deliver.

PMs added that the quality of life of older people was being compromised with due to funding pressures.

The care and support system needed a change and it was suppose to be one on a priority basis, according to the government. More integration was needed, it said.

In England, the fragmented system was not to be made simple if the Health and Social Care Bill was introduced. The bill was now to be discussed further as it is making its way through the Parliament.

MPs have called for a single local body that will have the power to give support to housing and services and commission health instead of the current system of multiple funding sources.

They added that local circumstances will be a basis of the precise model.

The committee says in its report, "Despite repeated attempts to 'bridge' the gap between the NHS and social care, little by way of integration has been achieved over a 40-year period. These separate systems are inefficient and lead to poorer outcomes for older people."