‘New Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ trailer, screenshots, artwork, & box art released

Ubisoft has recently released an amazing trailer, along with screen shots, artwork, and box art, of Tom Clancy's `Ghost Recon: Future Soldier', which will be the fourth title in the "Ghost Recon' series.

According to the information shared by Ubisoft, some of the most attractive features of the Future Soldier will be the game's high-tech gadgets, and futuristic weaponry, as well as the gamers' ability to veil like a Predator.

The new Ghost Recon title - scheduled to be released on May 22 - will give the gamers a chance to take on the roles of different members of a four-member team, for the purpose of dealing with an extremist Russian force that has assumed control of neighboring countries and has started invading them.

Featuring a somewhat destructible milieu, Future Soldier will basically be a third-person shooter title, with the game's action moving to the first-person point of view when the gamers aim down the sights.

The game's recently-released trailer - which closes to show the game's logo and the launch date - also apparently confirms its Kinect compatibility, which will enable the gamers not only to use motion gestures and voice controls to take charge of the game's proceedings, but also give them the advantage of customizing character weapons.