Flurry Analytics: Kindle Fire dwarfs other Android tablets in market share in 3 months

According to the recent statistics released by Flurry Analytics, the aggressively-priced Amazon tablet, Kindle Fire, has - within three months of its availability - managed to dwarf all the other Android-powered tablets in terms of market share.

The Flurry statistics – based on the application sessions on Android during the period from between November 2011 and January 2012 – show that the market share of the Kindle Fire soared from barely 3 percent to a notable 36 percent. This helped the overall Android market share increase to 39 percent in the fourth quarter from 29 percent a year back.

Going by the data shared by Amazon, even though the initial response to the Kindle Fire was somewhat tepid, as many as 4 million units of the tablet were sold in the month of December; thus giving the device approximately one-third of the market share in the Android tablets’ arena.

Kindle Fire’s market-share jump during the mentioned period is highly noteworthy, especially in the wake of the fact that the more than 2-year-old Samsung Galaxy Tab witnessed a steep plunge in market share – from 64 percent to 36 percent – and the shares of the Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer, and Acer Iconia Tab saw a collective fall of 18 percent.

Along with grabbing market share, the Kindle Fire also performed remarkable well in the ‘paid app downloads’ sphere, with a 5-app sample of the best-selling apps revealing that Kindle Fire had 2.5 app downloads for every one download of apps on the Galaxy Tab.