People die of poison at hospital

On January 14, a hospital poisoner led to deaths of people and this was known yesterday only.

Linda McDonagh who was 60 years of age and had a three year old died on January 14 and last Friday it was 73-year-old John Beeley.

The incidents took place at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport in Greater Manchester where saline drips of about 21 people were contaminated with insulin.

The 46-year b-old nurse, Victorino Chua, who had medical treatment under police guard was earlier also quizzed as he was suspected of murder over four of the deaths. For a pre-planned throat op, on Friday the dad of two was sent to another hospital.

Linda, who was a NHS administrator and a mum of three, suffered from motor neurone disease and pneumonia.

Investigations are on to figure out if her drip was contaminated with insulin. Stewart who is her husband had last night urged the culprit to accept the fault.

Before this, on December 31, there were three deaths and those who had died were Tracey Arden, 44, Arnold Lancaster, 71, and Derek Weaver, 83, died last summer. Bill Dickson, 82.

It is now being found out if insulin was the cause of victims’ death or it was their disease that took away their life.