Breast implant scandal Compulsory insurance plan should be made for women

The way a fund has been set up for tour operators, similarly a fund should be set up for all those who have got affected by the faulty breast implants, said Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, who is leading a Government review into lessons that can be learned from the episode.

He further threw light on the way the cosmetics industry was run and how safety was put after the profits.

A vast bill might be picked up by the taxpayer in an attempt to remove implants made by a PIP or Poly Implant Prosthese, which is a French company and it used industrial-grade silicone filler.

In Britain alone there are about 40000 women who got PIP implants and out of these about 3000 women got reconstructive operations on the NHS.

Out of these women, a varied number paid for it being a private breast enlargement operation.

It has been stated that there will be no money charged from women who received PIP implants on the NHS.

Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, said, "Those women who paid for them privately will be able to have them removed on the NHS, but not replaced, if clinics fail to offer free surgery."