Bloomberg report claims iPad 3 is in full production in China

According to a Bloomberg report, based on the information shared by an unidentified source from one of Apple’s Asian manufacturing partners, the next iPad iteration – the iPad 3 - is in full production in China.

Going by the details forwarded by the source on the condition of anonymity, the production of the iPad 3 commenced at the beginning of January; with the Chinese factories manufacturing the tablet now running 24 hours a day. The production of the iPad 3 by Apple’s Asian manufacturers is likely to touch full volumes by next month, after a close down during China’s Lunar New Year holiday this month.

Since Apple, quite like the other tech firms, contracts with Asian companies to meet the labor requirements for assembling its devices, it is the Foxconn Technology Group – which also builds the iPhone and other Apple devices – which is assembling the iPad 3.

Meanwhile, as per the Bloomberg source, the most attractive features of the forthcoming iPad 3 will include a notably more impressive screen than most of the TVs; speedier video graphics; and Long Term Evolutionary (LTE, or 4G) capabilities, which are being brought aboard the iPad before the iPhone due to the bigger battery of the tablet and its better support for meeting the power needs for the new technology.

Other than the above-mentioned features, the iPad 3 will also reportedly be equipped with a quad-core processor; thereby marking an improvement which will allow users to jump more quickly between applications.