Beijing Apple Store pelted with eggs on iPhone Delay

The botched debut of the highly-awaited iPhone 4S in China on Friday prompted the infuriated shoppers, who had lined up overnight for the device, to pelt Apple’s flagship Beijing store with eggs.

The fury of the potential buyers of the iPhone 4S was clearly a result of the fact that they had endured a wait overnight in the freezing cold weather only to be told by the Apple’s main store in Beijing that the scheduled sales opening of the iPhone 4S had been delayed.

It was close on the heels of an announcement that the sales of the much-anticipated iPhone 4S had been stalled that the swelling crowd of potential buyers got involved in a brawl with the security staff at the store before daybreak.

Even though Apple had advertised that the store will open at 7 a. m., the last-minute cancellation of the sales of the iPhone 4S was apparently an upshot of fears of chaos at the store, especially in the wake of the unruly crowd that had lined outside in great anticipation.

With the angry crowd of people shouting and pelting eggs at the Beijing Apple store after its failure to open on schedule Friday sales of the popular new iPhone 4S model, the situation was later brought under control by the police authorities who sealed off the area around the store at mid-morning, and posted a notice in the store’s window saying that the iPhone 4S was out of stock.