Google’s New Year Doodles

Internet search giant Google welcomed 2012 with an animated homepage doodle that featured the company’s logo merry-making letters sporting tiny hands and feet.

The letters were adorned with party hats and they were welcoming the New Year with streamers and balloons.

The search engine provided a link below the search box to retrospect 2011 by going through the Google’s Zeitgeist video, which provided access to the most searched for terms of the last year.

Singing star Rebecca Black, Google’s social networking site Google+ and several Apple products were among the most searched for terms on the Google’s Zeitgeist list for 2011.

Google kicked off the New Year with a new doodle which featured letters of the logo fulfilling their resolutions for 2012. The letter ‘G’ was listening to music and saying hello to the world in several languages, the two ‘Os’ were exercising aerobics and yoga to remain fit in the New Year, the second ‘G’ was playing on a guitar, the letter 'L' was absorbed in reading a book, while the last letter ‘E’ was cleaning up after the merrymaking.

Google has been posting doodles since 2000, to market important days such as festivals and the birth anniversary of a legendary figure.