Sony knocks $100 off Tablet S price

Buyers can now grab the Sony Tablet S for $100 less than its original price as the Japanese electronics giant has hacked the price tag to boost sales and clear out old inventory.

Following the price hack, the 16GB version of the Tablet S costs $399.99, while the 32GB model costs $499.99.

In addition, the company is offering several freebies such as five PlayStation classic titles, 180 days of Music Unlimited service and free downloads from its Video Unlimited store.

The distinctively-shaped Tablet S was only released in September last year. A price hack at such an early point indicates that the Tablet S has so far failed in attracting the desired number of buyers.

At the time of its arrival, the Tablet S was well-received but it could not reach the market share the manufacturer had expected with its entry into the fast-growing tablet market.

The Tablet S runs on Google’s Android OS, and features a 9.4-inch screen, a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and a rear-facing 5-megapixel camera. It also offers DLNA compatibility, an IR port, an SD card slot, Sony's Crackle and eReader apps and QuickView technology for faster browsing.