Anonymous posts larger database containing Stratfor clients’ personal data

Hacking group Anonymous on Thursday posted a database containing personal information about hundreds of thousands customers of Texas-based global intelligence firm Stratfor.

Last week, Anonymous hacked the computer security of Startfor and slipped away with personal information about its corporate clients such as the U. S. Army, U. S. Air Force, and Miami Police Department, along with anyone who ever subscribed to the intelligence firm’s newsletters or website.

The hacking collective started exposing the stolen information last Saturday. The initial leaked database included names, addresses and passwords of the firm’s as many as 4,000 customers.

The database leaked on Thursday is much bigger as it contains a total of 860,000 usernames, emails and encrypted passwords, along with 75,000 credit card numbers.

According to a KXAN analysis, the latest database leak exposed sensitive information about several military, law enforcement and elected officials, plus many members of the local & national media.

On Christmas Day, an Anonymous member has claimed that they had stolen Startfor customers’ credit card information to give away gifts and donations on Christmas.

Satrtfor has promised to offer its members free global identity protection for a period of twelve months.