BBM Canada sues RIM over use of BBM name

Toronto, Canada-based radio & TV industry group BBM Canada dragged Research In Motion (RIM) to court, accusing the BlackBerry-maker of breaching its BBM trademark. BBM Canada is opposing RIM's use of the "BBM" shorthand mark for its BlackBerry Messenger service, saying it would mislead customers.

The radio & TV industry group said it filed the suit against RIM after its several attempts to resolve the issue through talks failed.

BBM Canada CEO Jim MacLeod claimed that the BlackBerry-maker turned down their offer in which the group would rename itself in case the smartphone manufacturer would foot the bill for the re-branding.

Defending his company's stance, MacLeod said, "We want our name back. I find it kind of amazing that this wouldn't have been thought about before they decided to use the name. The same thing goes for BBX."

RIM declined to comment on the report published by the Globe and Mail, saying it does not comment on continuing legal matters.

Earlier in October, New Mexican software firm Basis International sued RIM over the use of BBX name for its next smartphone & tablet OS. Basis International finally managed to force RIM to ditch BBX name for its next OS and rename it as BlackBerry 10.