Third-party e-reader app Wattpad now available for use for Kindle Fire owners

The owners of the new Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon will henceforth be able to use the third party e-reader app, Wattpad, to read e-books on their tablet; with the online retail giant no longer hiding the competitor's app in the Kindle Fire's Amazon Appstore.

The notable move has come after some back-and-forth by the two companies involved. Till now, Amazon had been hiding the Wattpad e-readers apps - it still hides e-reader apps of other rivals like Kobo and Bluefire -; with the result that even though the apps were being displayed in the web-based Appstore, readers could not download them on to their Kindle Fire tablets.

Those Kindle Fire owners who were keen on having these e-reader apps on their devices had to use some work-arounds to facilitate the download of the apps on the tablets. More specifically, users had to essentially `sideload' the app; which means that the app had to be downloaded from a different source; thus making the process somewhat baffling for the average Fire owner.

About the availability of the Wattpad apps now on the Kindle Fire, a Wattpad spokesperson said in an email to VentureBeat that the company had been in talks with Kindle Fire Store representatives for the last few weeks; and were finally able to convince the higher officials that Wattpad should be seen as "a valuable complementary service."

The Wattpad spokesperson further added: "Our community is super engaged readers and writers; they are passionate book lovers and eventually Amazon came around to see the value we could bring."