Software update for Kindle Fire promises several improvements

Online retailer Amazon has issued a software update for its Kindle Fire to address problems like unreliable scrolling, inept apps and coldness of touch navigation.

The newly released update improves the responsiveness of touch navigation and the swiftness of actions on the tablet. Thus, users will now be able to load webpages swiftly in the tablet's Web browser.

The software update also adds some new features like the one that allows Fire tablet users to edit what shows up in their "carousel" of recent apps as well as content displayed on the devise's home-screen.

Previously, users of the tablet were not able to remove any items, sucg as books they've read, movies they have watched and games they have played, in their carousel.

The Kindle fire is the top item bought on Amazon. com this year. Since the launch of the inexpensive tablet, the online retailer has been shipping more than 1 million units per week.

Priced at $199, the Kindle Fire costs less than half the price of Apple's least-expensive iPad tablet PC.