CR: Customers find small wireless providers more satisfying than the Big Four

The results of a recent Consumer Reports (CR) survey have clearly revealed that so far as wireless service is concerned, more users are apparently satisfied with the services offered by small wireless carriers than their bigwig counterparts.

As per the CR report, people who are availing the services of small wireless providers have expressed greater satisfaction with the services that they receive as compared to those who are customers of the Big Four US carriers - Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

According to the specific findings of the CR survey which involved 66,000 cell phone customers, bigwig carrier AT&T was in the last place in terms of customer satisfaction; while Consumer Cellular and US Cellular - the two small carriers which sponge off of the AT&T network - were the top-rankers.

For AT&T, it was the second time that the carrier had featured right at the bottom in the survey. Last year too, in the CR survey, AT&T had finished last; with the majority of the customers to have expressed dissatisfaction with the carrier's services being the iPhone owners.

Among the other three bigwig US carriers, Verizon and Sprint ranked best for customer service; while T-Mobile also outperformed AT&T in terms of customer satisfaction ratings.

About the survey's results, CR Senior Editor Mike Gikas said: "Verizon had an edge over Sprint in texting and in knowledgeable support staff, but Sprint rated better in value."