Carrier IQ isn’t under any probe by FTC: company exec says

Carrier IQ has turned down media reports that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a probe to determine it the company's technology was gathering customer’s personal data from their cell phones.

Citing anonymous government officials, The Washington Post recently claimed that Carrier IQ was under investigation by the FTC.

But, a spokesperson for Carrier IQ said the company was misquoted in the report.

Declining the media report, the spokesperson said, “We are not under investigation. We sought the meetings with FCC and FTC in the interest of transparency and full disclosure, and to answer their questions.”

There are many lawsuits against Carrier IQ and some carriers, while lawmakers are peppering the company with questions.

Earlier this month, Massachusetts Democrat Edward Markey, urged the federal agency to launch a probe into allegations that Carrier IQ's technology was gathering customers’ data without their consent.

The FTC declined to confirm if it had launched any investigation against Carrier IQ. It may be noted here that the FTC doesn’t generally reveal the subjects of its probes unless the company under any probe makes it public.