Facebook Timeline: The complete guide

The official commencement of the rollout of its new `Timeline' feature for the New Zealand users marks a notable advancement by Facebook in the direction of its relentless endeavors towards making the popular social network even more useful for its over 800 million users.

The potential popularity of Timeline - which will reportedly be rolled out "more broadly in the near future" - can already be gauged from the fact that, according to product manager Samuel Lessin's blog post, more than one million users have already signed up to the developer beta for accessing the service which was originally announced this September at Facebook's F8 developers conference.

With the digitally-advanced New Zealand becoming the first country to get the Facebook Timeline, the rollout of the service in the other countries could also just be round the corner too; though the social network has refrained from disclosing when its entire user base will get hold of the new feature.

Facebook has chiefly designed the Timeline feature with the objective of giving its users one single place to go to see their friends, their pictures, their relationship statuses, and other such things. Put in a chronological order, the mentioned highlights about a user make it possible to look at a year, or even more specifically at individual months as well as days.

Boasting a new interface, Facebook Timeline gives users the ability to offer their friends a curated view of their life, thanks to the graphically appealing layout of specified pictures, posts, apps and other Facebook content.