HTC reports 30% plunge in its year-on-year sales for November

After having warned last month that the company was not likely to witness any growth in its sales during the 2011 fourth quarter, Taiwan-based handset maker HTC has recently reported an approximately 30 percent plunge - to NT$30.9 billion - in its year-on-year sales for the month of November.

The latest revelation from HTC underscores that the company - which was once considered the leading Android handset manufacturer - has, during the last one year, been overtaken by its rivals largely because of the fact that it has been losing ground with most of its carrier partners.

Despite the fact that the overall 2011 sales performance of HTC's Android handsets was quite robust, the sudden adverse turn that the company's sales have taken has been rather disturbing for the handset manufacturer.

HTC was apparently at its peak when it was successfully profiting from the growing popularity of the Android-based handsets, with its leading edge over rivals largely resulting from the user-friendly usability of its `Sense' user interface, over and above the Android OS.

In addition, over the years, HTC has been enjoying increasing support from the service carriers because of its `accommodating' factor, whereby it is capable of a quick switch over to new technology, addition of new features and tweaking of design specs as required by the carriers.

However, in the opinion of Gartner analyst Hugues de la Vergne what HTC notably lacks is "as strong of a brand or as big of a checkbook to fund key operator promotions as some of their competitors."