Women Choosing Caesareans Over Normal Deliveries More Prone to Risks - WHO

The World Health Organization has shared that women who give up a normal delivery in favor of a Caesarean section are at least 2.7 times more prone to suffer from problems like serious bleeding, or might even need a hysterectomy.

"For those who are still inclined to consider Caesarean delivery a harmless option, they need to take a cold, hard look at the evidence", said Dr Yap-Seng Chong of the National University of Singapore. Many are blaming the uncalled for popularity of C-sections on women following in the footsteps of celebrities like Madonna, Catherine Zeta Jones and Victoria Beckham.

While an operative vaginal delivery, which is undertaken with the help of forceps or a vacuum, was discovered to be twice as risky as a normal birth, C-sections, on the other hand, were as much as 10 times more dangerous comparatively.

Over 100,000 births across 9 Asian nations were analyzed by WHO scientists, and out of these, some 27.3% of the deliveries were via Caesarean.

"Such an operation should be done only when there is a medical indication to improve the outcome for the mother or the baby. Women who plan to undertake them should discuss the potential risks to make an informed decision", said study author Dr. Metin Gulmezoglu.