WSJ: Google 'mulling' online retail move

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, Internet search giant Google is apparently coming up with a new online retail service that will directly compete with e-commerce biggie Amazon. com.

As per the details shared in the WSJ report, Google is in talks with bigwig US retailers - including Macy's, OfficeMax and Gap - for the online shopping service that the company is `mulling.'

The service that Google will reportedly offer will deliver purchases to the customers within a period of 24 hours; thus challenging the Amazon service which promises its Prime program customers - buyers who make a $79 annual payment to the online retailer for availing added perks - that their purchases will be delivered in one or two days.

While Google and Amazon have different business models - with Amazon essentially being an online advertising market and Google derving most of its revenue from online ads -, Google has been exploring the online retail arena with features like coupons for deals at local businesses and Android-based handsets.

In a confirmation of the reports that Google has reached out to leading US retail businesses for the incorporation of its online shopping service as an option for consumers browsing for products on their sites, a Macy's spokesman told WSJ that though Google had approached the company with the proposal, the retailer is yet to make a decision about it.