Doorbuster deals on LCD TVs attract Black Friday shoppers

Going by the reports pertaining to the Black Friday shopping spree, big crowds of shoppers apparently went gaga for the doorbuster deals on LCD TVs; with Best Buy’s $200 sale for a 42-inch Sharp LCD TV being one of the hot favorites!

With the belief, substantiated by the market-watchers, that the search for the traditional Black Friday quarry, a low-cost HDTV, would seemingly be easier this time round, queues of enthusiastic shoppers could be seen outside the Best Buy building nearly one hour before the store’s midnight opening, which marked the beginning of Black Friday.

As per the reports, most of the shoppers had lined up at the store chiefly for grabbing the deals on TVs as well as tablets and gaming consoles. Tickets and maps were handed out by the store to the first shoppers who had lined up.

With a large part of the year having witnessed the hesitance of the people to spend on expensive products like TVs, the convergence of market pressures now gives the shoppers a perfect shopping opportunity during this holiday season.

Due to the slackened demand for big-ticket items almost all through the year, the retailers evidently have a huge number of displays and sets to be cleared because most of them would not want to sell these surpluses in the coming year --- more so as the 2012 TV models will likely boast a noteworthy addition to Net and Web-based connectivity.