Xbox Live gamers hit by phishing attacks

Online scammers are reportedly stealing million of dollars as a result of their most recent phishing attack which has been targeting thousands of accounts of the gamers of Microsoft's Xbox Live gaming service in nearly 35 countries.

As per reports, hackers have been hitting the Xbox Live gamers with phishing attacks - that is, hoodwinking people into divulging their account details -, with one such scam emailing gamers and directing them to phony websites that offer free Microsoft points which the gamers can supposedly use for purchasing games.

The characteristic phishing attack launched by the hackers essentially involves the setting up bogus websites -fairly akin in appearance to the official websites - which lure the gamers with the purportedly `free' Microsoft Points that they can gain only after they have provided their personal information.

Once the required details are inputted by the gamers, the hackers access their accounts to steal credit card information; and withdraw small amounts using the credit cards so that the transactions are not easily detected by the victims.

The Xbox Live gamers realized that their accounts had been hacked in the sophisticated and notably ominous type of phishing attack only after they examined their bank and credit card statements.

Warning the Australian gamers about the phishing attack, and urging them not to fall for offers on bogus websites, Luke Reilly - games editor at IGN Australia - said: "If you have any doubt.. in the case of Microsoft Points, contact customer service."